Adoption – and so it starts…

We made an enquiry to a local adoption agency the other day. They got back to us really quickly, but due to Government changes they’ve had to change their processes.

Basically what that means is that they have to do a adoption class with prospective adopters before they can go to next stage.

Fair enough, but our local council is full to capacity with the number of potential adoptive parents they can put through the programme. They can’t consider us for a course until we contact them again in November.

Then we still have to wait to get on the course.

It seems this new procedure to ensure the process is faster has broken our local, previously successful, system.

The woman on the phone was extremely apologetic and tried her best to explain, but the long and the short of it is that the council no longer has the capacity to deal with the volume of people wanting to adopt the huge quantity of children desperate to be adopted.

Paperwork. It’ll be the downfall of the entire world.


2 thoughts on “Adoption – and so it starts…

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