Taking baby steps…

Sam here! Actually it may as well be said now, Alice won’t be the one posting. Like, ever. It’s not really her thing!
So then, we’re moving on to the next adoption agency… I’m not in a rush as such, but I just think that if they can’t even consider speaking to us until November, how long is it really going to take??
There’s a meeting next week that I’m hoping we can attend. They’re not running another one until September so it looks like we may be lucky…The printer is now working overtime printing off all sorts of information.I’ve been looking at loads of websites and there are some heart breaking cases on the Internet of kids waiting for homes. There a lot of brothers, sisters and what look like entire families that need forever families.I know we would take siblings, I have to say selfishly though that I’d like adopt them from an early age. I don’t want to miss out on some of the big moments.

We will see I guess!

I can’t put into words how much I hope this all comes together.


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