Ten Guilty Pleasures…

1. Glee – I’m old enough to know better, but young enough to not care!

2. Reese’s cups. Love em. In fact, any chocolate and peanut butter combination. Funny thing is that I’m not fussed by chocolate or peanut independently. Oh and no jam (jelly) with my peanut butter thanks… When I was younger I thought it was cool. Now, not so much!


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

3. One Direction. Well this is guilty pleasures right?? Alice loves them. Which is even funnier because she’s a crazy rocker normally…


One Direction

4. Cinnamon rolls. Tesco‘s bakery. Oh yes. The icing, the currants, the cinnamon… Yummy.


Cinnamon swirl

5. Having the house to myself and doing nothing. This drives the Mrs mental. She’s very obsessive when it comes to cleaning so if I can get away it, a day in my pjs doing naff all is heaven! Even if that means surviving on crisps and toast to make sure it’s a basic clear up job!

Feet up relaxing at home.

Yes they really are my feet and my pjs… Turtle power!!

6. Dancing. I love to dance. I can’t dance, but that doesn’t stop me. I love a sly boogie around the house. I’ve been known to involve the dogs too… Alice on the other hand is used to me now and accepts that every once in a while she’ll get twirled in the kitchen.


Dancing alone

7. Musicals. I know is said Glee before, but I really love them. Sound of music, les Mis, phantom, calamity jane. My favourite at the minute is Wicked, but it’s always changing. I don’t go to London anywhere near as much as I should!


Wicked the Musical

8. Bollywood movies. The drama, the cheese and those dance moves. Alice hates them so finding time to watch any nowadays is tough.


Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham


9. Onesies. I have a few and love to snuggle in them. I look like an idiot but at least my feet are warm!


Onesies for all!!

10. Facebook. Now it’s not necessarily a guilty pleasure, but I’m always on it. I read every post that it shows me. I have even been known to complain to Facebook that it doesn’t show me every single post, so I can read through them chronologically and not miss a thing. Yeah, I’m always on it. I’m sure that’ll change once we have a family and I don’t have time, but right now I’m obsessed.


Facebook has a hold on most of us right??



Giving people like us some hope. Congratulations!!

To make a long story short: after induction, 48 hours of intermittent contractions, 7 hours of laboring without an epidural, another many hours of laboring with an epidural, increasing interventions, a fever, decreasing heart rate and, finally, an emergency cesarean, our daughter (blog name still Bingo) was born this morning. All are well.


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A family member that I’m thankful for and why… My mother in law!

I’ve started a lists thing to ensure I post more frequently and to stop me only venting on this site.

I need to remember that things aren’t always bad and that there is more to us than babies and genetics and cancers…

So today it asked me to think about a family member that I’m grateful for. This in itself is a bit of a trial!

Obviously I dearly love my mum and dad, but I thought I’d take a different route and talk about my mother in law.

Over the years the standard mother in law has been the butt of many a joke. She’s seen as the meddling monster who interferes when you least want her to, always thinks she knows best when she doesn’t, and most relationships will have that moment when the wife/husband will be pitted against her in a who’s right and who’s wrong scenario.

All in all, pretty negative views.

My mother in law is different.

Because there’s quite an age gap between me and Alice, it has left only 9 years between me and her mum. I think this helps as we’re not from completely different times! We both know about the 80s. The only difference is that I was dancing around my living room pretending to be a pop star and she was sneaking into clubs.

I love Rachel to bits and I’m very lucky that she accepts me into her family.

The reason Rachel first sprang to mind this week when I saw this post topic is because last Sunday, the 17th of November, we lost Alice’s nan, Rachel’s mum.

It was so sad, but she had her family around her when the time came. Alice was the only grandchild there. She wanted to be there for Rachel and Rachel’s brother and sister.

Nan had been the very centre of this family and was loved by everyone – in laws included. She spoke to me as we were having photos taken when we signed the register at our wedding. She welcomed me to the family. It meant the world to me.


Rachel will be my child’s grandma. She’ll be there for them with sweets and cuddles. But most importantly, she’ll be there for me and Alice.

Now don’t get me wrong, my Mum is a fantastic one!! She’ll be there for us no matter what. But this is, to me, about having love for someone that is basically a new addition to my life.

We live around the corner from Rach, and it’s nice because she keeps an eye on the house and the animals while we are at work. But more importantly it’s nice to have family so close. I’ve never been in that situation before. Family visits were planned ahead, scheduled for the weekend or perhaps even longer due to distance.

Last night we had an impromptu trip to ikea and it was lovely.

They’re both as mad as each other mind!



I guess, I’m thankful for being accepted as Alice’s wife, when with other partners there’s often been friction and sometimes full blown hatred.

I’ve truly got two mums and that makes me a very lucky girl.

One small pot for man, one giant leap for lesbiankind.

So we got our first deliveries.

It was definitely bizarre, but I’ll get to that in a minute…

So yeah, month one got under way so it’s and exciting time right now.

I’m taking my vitamins, no alcohol, not smoking now for several months.

Now if you know me, then you know that the two non-living entities that mean the most to me are a good whiskey and a cigarette, so life has already changed!!

Ok, so here’s how it happened…

We’ve known our donor for several years and we were surprised that we were able to iron out the finer details and progress under our terms of business shall we say.

Our donor had to listen to us basically break him down, and break his heart a little too I think, but being the good guy that he is, he agreed.

He said “of course I’ll still do it, I can see what it means to you both and I get to be the one that makes you both so happy.”

It was a revelation.

Right then…

The stars began to align and the moon was in the 93rd sector of Pluto or whatever crap, and basically it was time to try it out.

Me and the Mrs had made the agreement that she would speak to our donor during the day and confirm details etc etc.

Our plan was to turn up equipped with the suitable conduit, supply donor with said conduit, receive the goods and then drive the short journey home to complete the deed.

All very peculiar.

We arrived and watched our donor grab a few bits and pieces, switch off lights and head downstairs to meet us.


Failed at the first hurdle.

Thankfully our donor had just moved so we were quickly able to divert him back inside the house for a tour of the new digs.

Once inside we mentioned that we thought it would be much easier and less uncomfortable for him to provide us with a sample to takeaway…

So very very awkward…

He was fine with it and was happy to oblige. So we gave him the pot and then it got really weird.

Now, normally we are all pretty comfortable around each other, but what had just dawned on us was the fact this poor lad was faced with two women and a pot. And they were making demands that even the strongest of characters would feel moderately pressured by!

To make it worse we were going to be in the next room. Waiting…

I have to say that given the fact we know each other well and have seen and done some mad things together, this was unprecedented weird.

Sitcom weird.

Anyways the deed was shortly done and off we jetted in the car and raced back home with the missus nursing the delivery, in the pot, in her bra.

God knows what would’ve happened if we were stopped by the police.

Anyhoo, night number two…

This time things were a lot less awkward and quite humourous. Although we had one minor issue.


Now this is worse than driving when you need the loo and can’t find one. You’ve literally got something in the car that’s at risk of becoming completely useless and yet the simple fact you have it means so much.

We rushed into the house and did what we could in the time we had. Romance wasn’t exactly at its best…

Humour however was as I’d left my boots on! Now the reason this is particularly funny is because of the donor’s love of dr martins. There I was afterwards, legs in the air, hoping that gravity would help us out and up against the wall was such a funny sight.

Firstly, the donor is known for his docs.

And secondly, all that was missing from our lesbian baby making attempt was a pair of dungarees on the floor and Tegan and Sara playing in the background!! Sometimes the stereotypes just find us…

Anyhoo, we have since then found out that the first attempt wasn’t successful. But I’m quickly learning that this whole process needs, humour as well as heartache.