Meet the Roberts family…

Meet the Roberts family…


We’re a strange bunch, but we are a family nonetheless!


At the moment there’s just the two of us, but we made a momentous step last night and contacted the local adoption agency so hopefully in time we will be gifted with another member (or two) of our family. **UPDATE** You can see how well that turned out here and see the beginning of a new chapter here.


We’re animal mad, at one point I actually think we could’ve charged admission as a Zoo.

Sam and Alice in Glendalough, Ireland

This is us, Sam and Alice, the two humans (sometimes). (Alice is on the left, Sam is on the right…)



Then there’s Nala the cat. She’s pretty much the boss of the entire house.

Three years old and the perfect little princess when she wants to be. Also as a female cat who’s ginger, she’s apparently pretty rare.


Bernie and Byron on a road trip!

Also we have two gorgeous dogs called Bernie and Byron. Bernie is already used to being online, he’s got quite the following on twitter ( see I told you we are mad…

Bernie sleeping on top of Nala's teepee

Bernie is a pedigree Border Terrier. 7 years old, soft as pie and a real life teddy bear. Often found trying to sleep, cuddle, or eat. That’s basically it!


Mini B aka Byron

Byron is surprisingly Bernie’s son. You wouldn’t think it initially, especially as Byron is like a rocket nine times out of ten. He’s 4 years old but still acting like an excitable puppy. His mum was half chihuahua and half Staffordshire bull terrier so he’s a funny looking thing. He hardly ever shuts up and is alway talking away to you whenever possible.(Oh and he’s on twitter too…

Nala and Nagini

Finally there’s the quietest member of the house, Nagini. He’s a corn snake. He tends to keep himself to himself and just enjoys his weekly feed, a good bath and shedding his skin. He’s not to everyone’s taste, but he’s generally nice and placid.

So that’s us.

Until next time…


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