Three things or objects I would be lost without.

Three things…


Well seeing as though I can’t say the usual fluffy answers such as family, love and inner peace, I guess I’m going to be wonderfully materialistic in this post.

Guilt free, honest answers! Happy days!

1. iProducts.
Now I couldn’t put down 1, 2 and 3 as iPhone, iPad and iMac so I’ve lumped them together under the tag iProducts which is a phrase I feel is completely under used.
I’m one of those geeks that lives on their tech.
I’ll use the phrase “I’ll google it” several times a day. Another favourite is “there’s an app for that”.
I feel a pang of fear and panic if my battery levels are lower than 50% and I don’t have the relevant portable charger with me.
I talk, FaceTime, bbm, blog, tweet, Facebook, email, text and iMessage regularly. I feel disconnected without this little piece of technology.
People wonder why I’m so attached to the tech and I tell them that it’s where my friends and family live. I speak more to my mum on FaceTime than I do in real life. It’s an issue with distance as opposed to ignorance.
I document everything with a status or photo. My dad thinks I’m on Facebook too much but he doesn’t understand that I love the anthropology of it all.
I get email updates about what I was posting a year ago. Sometimes 2, 3 or even 4 years ago. It’s interesting to me. It’s a condensed diary.
In the way that people write diaries, or perhaps in a more modern sense they blog, I like to document day to day life online so I can look back and see how far I’ve come.
So yeah, number 1: my iProducts.


2. My TV.
And with that my subscriptions. Netflix and sky tv. We gave up Lovefilm recently. There was a ceremony with candles, hymns and everything. One of them had to go and Lovefilm was it… A sad day for all involved.
Anyhoo, at the minute we are pretty strapped for cash so we spend a bit more a month on good movie subscriptions and a good tv package because that’s what we enjoy. We don’t go out every weekend and party until we vomit. We get a bottle of wine and watch tv. We have friends over and watch a movie. We obsess over what the hell is going on with American Horror Story or the Walking dead. We bitch about X Factor and nearly vomit while watching I’m a Celeb. It may not be the most intellectual of pass times but it keeps us happy.
I draw the line at soaps though. If we get sucked into soap land we find it hard to escape so it’s better to keep away!!


3. My Patmobile.
My Peugeot 1007. My red devil on 4 wheels. My granny wagon. My first car. My Pat.
I love and hate having a car. If someone could pay for the petrol and the maintenance then that would be fine, but they don’t so it’s the main reason we are skint.
It is the main reason that we have days out though. We get to pop to Morissons for a breakfast. We can have a drive over to Whitby. It gets me to work 40 miles a day…
It helped me play chauffeur to the family when they needed help while Alice’s nan was ill. It got me to George’s funeral in Lincolnshire in one weekend. It takes Grace out for the day with me and Chels.
Pat is awesome. Now I have him I wouldn’t want to let him go. Learning to drive is so expensive but so worth it.


So there you have it. My favourite completely materialistic, self-obsessed items of self indulgence.


Ten Guilty Pleasures…

1. Glee – I’m old enough to know better, but young enough to not care!

2. Reese’s cups. Love em. In fact, any chocolate and peanut butter combination. Funny thing is that I’m not fussed by chocolate or peanut independently. Oh and no jam (jelly) with my peanut butter thanks… When I was younger I thought it was cool. Now, not so much!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

3. One Direction. Well this is guilty pleasures right?? Alice loves them. Which is even funnier because she’s a crazy rocker normally…

One Direction

4. Cinnamon rolls. Tesco‘s bakery. Oh yes. The icing, the currants, the cinnamon… Yummy.

Cinnamon swirl

5. Having the house to myself and doing nothing. This drives the Mrs mental. She’s very obsessive when it comes to cleaning so if I can get away it, a day in my pjs doing naff all is heaven! Even if that means surviving on crisps and toast to make sure it’s a basic clear up job!

Feet up relaxing at home.

Yes they really are my feet and my pjs… Turtle power!!

6. Dancing. I love to dance. I can’t dance, but that doesn’t stop me. I love a sly boogie around the house. I’ve been known to involve the dogs too… Alice on the other hand is used to me now and accepts that every once in a while she’ll get twirled in the kitchen.

Dancing alone

7. Musicals. I know is said Glee before, but I really love them. Sound of music, les Mis, phantom, calamity jane. My favourite at the minute is Wicked, but it’s always changing. I don’t go to London anywhere near as much as I should!

Wicked the Musical

8. Bollywood movies. The drama, the cheese and those dance moves. Alice hates them so finding time to watch any nowadays is tough.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham


9. Onesies. I have a few and love to snuggle in them. I look like an idiot but at least my feet are warm!

Onesies for all!!

10. Facebook. Now it’s not necessarily a guilty pleasure, but I’m always on it. I read every post that it shows me. I have even been known to complain to Facebook that it doesn’t show me every single post, so I can read through them chronologically and not miss a thing. Yeah, I’m always on it. I’m sure that’ll change once we have a family and I don’t have time, but right now I’m obsessed.

Facebook has a hold on most of us right??